Friday, January 22, 2010

What A Difference A Week Makes....

Well, I can't believe that I've been home a week and that I've blogged so little since coming home. It was rather uncomfortable to sit with the computer on my lap, and my brain was doing the bare minimum for a while! But I'm back, and I'm recommitting to posting at least once a day. :)

Last time I posted I got to the point where I had come home from the hospital. I really want to share what happened at home over the past week before any of it gets too far from memory.

So Friday I was a bit worn out by the time I was discharged and got home. I settled in with an ounce of water, and some very nasty liquid Lortab. After a short nap on the couch I realized it was about time to have a protein supplement. And this is also when I realized I had never bought any before surgery! Thinking fast I called the bariatric clinic to find out if it would be ok to use the supplements that I used prior to surgery now. Sure enough they said that would be fine. Now, in my infinite wisdom I decided to be "smart". Since they told me prior to surgery that some people didn't tolerate milk well after surgery I thought I'd mix my supplement with Light Soy Milk. Um......BAD IDEA!!!! No, not a bad idea....A HORRIBLE IDEA!!!

Apparently the soy milk was a bit too rich for my new little tummy. I felt sooooo bloated. My stomach felt like there was a rock in it. I felt horrible! Then I started to feel kind of achy and wanted to take some more pain medicine, but I was so full I didn't know that I could handle anything else in the tummy. After a few hours of trying to get comfortable on my couch I finally headed to the bedroom for the night around 6:30pm. I felt rotten and just didn't know what to do about it. Feeling very uncomfortable and somewhat defeated I headed into bed for the night, hoping and praying that I would get some well needed rest as that this feeling in my stomach would pass quickly.

I only woke up a couple of times through the night and I did sleep pretty good. However, much to my dismay, I woke up on Saturday still not feeling well. And for whatever reason that started the emotional roller coaster! I laid uncomfortable in bed wondering what I had done to myself! I kept praying not to throw up and for this sick feeling to pass. I kept thinking that I had ruined my life and I would never eat again!! I tried praying. I tried crying. I tried talking to people on the phone, but that just led to more crying. After a few hours I decided it was time to pull myself out of the bed and go down stairs to face the day and whatever it was going to bring.

When I was talking to my mom I told her that I didn't know what I had gotten myself into, and that perhaps this was one of the worst decisions I had made. Well, she recruited the help of my Auntie M, who had the same surgery about 8 years ago. Later when the phone rang and she said "Hi Grace, it's Auntie M, what's going on honey???" the flood gates opened. Finally, someone to talk to that had been here and is way past this point! We talked for a bit and she reminded me that everyday was going to get a little better. She reminded me that this part of the diet only lasts for so long, and that I'll be eating regular in about 6 weeks. She also gave me the idea of watering down my protein drinks. and just to do the best I can to keep up with drinks and protein everyday. It worked like magic! Just talking with someone who had done it helped a ton!! During the hours that followed I took it a sip at a time, and decided that it didn't matter if I regretted doing this or not, it was done and I would have to learn to live with it.

In the hours that followed on Saturday my attitude slowly improved, as did my tummy ache. Once my body felt better my mind quickly followed and by bedtime I was in an ok mood, and my body didn't hurt too bad. By Sunday morning when I woke up I felt back to myself. I was glad that I had my surgery and was back on the road to recovery.

Sunday was a nice quiet day around the house. I didn't really do much other than watch tv and movies. I worked hard to make sure that I followed my liquid diet, did my breathing exercises, and got up every hour to walk around the house. I had a couple of good friends drop by to visit and it was a very nice day! By the end of the day I decided that it was time...I was ready to get out of the house!

Monday morning my husband went out to breakfast with some friends and when he came home we were going to head out to the grocery store! I got up and showered, got dressed, and put together a grocery list. I was happy to realize he wasn't home yet, so I sat down on the couch and rested while I waited for him to come home!! Finally we headed out. We got to the store and I opted for the motorized cart so I wouldn't overdo! I felt kind of proud when I went past all of the pastries and nothing even jumped out at me! On the way home my husband wanted to get something to eat, but he didn't want to upset me. I told him it was fine, that it would be ok. They decided on Arbys (which was my last meal, and one of my favorite fast food places!). The food smelled good. But, I didn't want it! I didn't want the food, it didn't make me feel bad to smell it, but I didn't want it either! I was pretty surprised that it wasn't tempting. When we got home the boys all unloaded the groceries, and I supervised them putting everything away. And when it was over, I was EXHAUSTED!

Luckily for me, Tuesday everyone would return to work and school! As the week went on I continued to feel better. Everyday I could drink a little more, get up a little easier and stay awake a little longer. Friends and family commented on how good I sounded, and that they could hear the energy in my voice.

To end the week I went to a follow up appointment with my family doctor on Thursday. She said I was doing rather well for a week out of surgery! She checked the incisions to make sure they were healing well, drew bloodwork requested by the bariatric center, and of course weighed me. Since the last appointment with my family doctor I had dropped 21 pounds! With a clean bill of health I headed home to rest before the kids came home!

Today has been a quiet day, until the doctors office called me back. Apparently my bloodwork showed that my potassium level was high, so they wanted me to go in and have blood drawn right at the lab to test my potassium again. Sometimes when blood is moved from one location to another it can break down something in the blood and cause a false reading, so it may be nothing, but they definitely wanted to look at it again.

Until next time...Hugs, Prayers & Here's To Hoping It's Nothing!

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