Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Potatoes & Egg Salad, Oh MY!!!

It's funny how satisfying eating just a couple of ounces can be after you've been on a liquid diet!! The doctors appointment went great yesterday, and I'm moving onto the "pureed diet". How exciting to add some different tastes into my diet again!!! Not to mention how nice it is to have something to chew on a bit!

I was really surprised though in the waiting room. There were about 6 patients there for their follow up visits and dietary class. I think I may have been the only one there that hadn't cheated! I felt sooooo proud of my hard work! But on the other hand I felt really bad for these people, that they would go through the process leading up to now, and then cheat on the diet. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel like I am any better than the rest of them...but I've had to dig deep, I mean really deep to find the will power not to go off of the diet, and I'm sure they could have too.

Anyway, we all weighed in and went into the conference room to go over the new diet. I won't list everything here, but some of the highlights for me were egg salad, vegetables (either mashed with a fork or pureed), pureed fruit, and sugar free pudding. We are also encouraged to start eating about 2 oz of a high protein food, and a tablespoon of a "side", like the veggies or fruit. Of course we have to start with the protein, that way if you get full before your finished you've eaten the most important nutrient on your plate. After the class we went to individual exam rooms to see the nurse and have our staples removed.

I left the clinic excited as could be and went directly to the store to pick up my new foods! It was good exercise walking around the store, and even though I was tired I was pretty excited about all of my new stuff. When I got home I was quickly reminded of a kind gesture a friend had made earlier in the day. She came by in the morning and started a roast with potatoes in my crock pot. When I came in the house smelled wonderful, and I was ecstatic to know that I could eat a couple of the potatoes in that crock pot! I think they were the best potatoes I've ever eaten in all of my life! lol All kidding aside, it was awesome to eat something with a little substance to it, and they really did taste great being cooked all day long with the beef broth!

Today I ventured on to egg salad. It was good too, and I'm feeling very encouraged!! I can do this!! In two more weeks I'll move on to the "soft food" diet, at 6 weeks I go onto the "bariatric diet" and at 8 weeks I'll be able to add foods at my discretion.

As far as the bowel problems...they suggested that I make sure that I am getting enough water and start to do a little walking. Otherwise I'll need to just take the Milk of Magnesia as needed. :( They did say that this isn't too unusual after the surgery, and that as I add more foods into the diet bowel movements should become more regular. So, today I did a bit of walking inside, tomorrow if the weather permits I'll start walking down the driveway and maybe to the neighbors house and back!

Until next time...Hugs, Prayer & Puree Away!


  1. I'm so proud of you...You got to eat real food today and I started my own hair accessorie line we both are doing good.

    Check out my web page www.erinmariedesigns.etsy.com

    love ya and praying for ya

  2. Oh thank you Erin! I looked at your website...very cute!! I love the heart clippies and will probably be ordering some for a friends daughter, I'll text or FB message you later!

  3. have you tried adding fiber-con(?) powder to your liquid. tasteless and it adds fiber that helps you.