Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Ho-Hum Kind Of Day

Well, the title kind of sums it up for today. Haven't felt bad, but haven't felt real great today either. I'm very tired of eating (well, technically drinking) the same crap over and over and over. I'm ready to move on to the next phase, and luckily for me I will be soon!

Tomorrow I have a two week follow up with the surgeon and bariatric office. We will start with a dietary class discussing the next phase of eating, followed by a consultation and staple removal. :(

I was happy to find out today that a friend of a friend knows someone who is about my age and had the same surgery not too long ago. She apparently found a very active and helpful online support group and I'm anxiously awaiting the web address. I'll share it once I get it!

Until next time....Hugs, Prayers, & Mmmm....more liquids


  1. I am glad that you are feeling better..puree foods are good,esp. Tuna with light mayo or cream cheese. My morning stand by is egg with light mayo. At first, it's only 1 1/2 oz of protein and 1 oz of fruit or vegetables. Try baby food for your fruit and vegetables, carrots & squash and just plain fruit no peach cobler in the baby foods..

    You had gone a few days with out posting and I was getting concern... My doctor puts his patience on a mild anti-depression medicine for a short period. Mainly because there is so much going on with your body. Ask you sister for my phone number and if I can help in any way just call me.
    Have they mentioned the B12 shots and the chewable vitiamins?

  2. Aw! Thanks for the concern!! :) It makes me happy to know someone is reading!

    I am feeling much better today! The doctors appointment went rather well and I'll be posting more on that tomorrow - today's outing really wore me out!!

    I can see where a mild anti-depressant could be benificial. I won't say I've been depressed, but definitely on a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

    They have put me on chewable vitamins. Still having a hard time choking them down, but working on it! No one has mentioned B12 shots though, I'm intrigued!