Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Read This One If You Don't Talk About Poo...

Alright, the purpose behind this blog was to keep record of everything for myself, but also to hopefully help someone else going through (or considering going through) this process. Well, it isn't going to help much if I don't get real about the changes going on with my body, which yes...obviously deals with the digestive system. Afterall, I did just have major surgery that reconstructed the whole thing! lol Anyway, this is the point that I put out my warning....if the subject of farting or pooping is not your thing, don't read any further in this post.

So I'll back up just a bit. When I left the hospital I didn't have to have a bowel movement to leave, I just needed to pass gas. That was no me! But when I got home a week went by and I still hadn't pooped. I called in to the bariatric clinic. They told me to switch from water to juice for a day, specifically apple. I did, but still nothing! So the next morning I got up to take the horrible Milk of Magnesia. My clinic told me to just take 1 tablespoon in the morning, and if that didn't help take another tablespoon in the afternoon. Well, after standing in the kitchen for about 20 minutes staring at this little cup of liquid chalk I finally drank it. YUCK! It was gross and I could only sip on a drink to get rid of the taste. I chose SF Kool-Aid because it had flavor to it. Within a matter of hours I was relieved of my pain!! It worked like a charm, and out came a week's worth of poo!

That was last Wednesday. Here I sit on Monday morning, with a tummy ache, realizing I haven't gone again since last Wednesday. :( I know why my tummy hurts...and once again I had a showdown in the kitchen with the little cup of liquid chalk. Now this time I hope it works as quickly, because I have a doctors appointment this afternoon!! I really don't want to be out in a public place when it does it's magic, that's for sure!! I do plan to ask the doctor today what I can do differently though. Once a week bowel movements, and only when induced by MOM just isn't going to cut it for me! I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I find out!

Until next time....Hugs, Prayers & Hoping For Quick Relief!

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  1. I know it's not what you meant, but I think it's funny that your Mom makes you poop! Good luck getting things moving again. Hopefully, once you are able to eat a wider variety of foods things will get a little more regulated.