Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leaving for the hospital in 12 hours!!!

Well, here it is...the night before! Everyone has asked me today if I'm nervous, but I'm not. I guess the best way to describe it is that I feel like a 3 year old on Christmas Eve!!

Today I've had to drink really nasty drinks all day. They stink, and they taste even worse! Almost like a watered down Pepto Bismol. And needless to say...these drinks have caused me to spend the greater portion of the day on the toilet. :( Luckily I only have one more to go!!

Tomorrow is a huge day. I am making a final commitment to a better lifestyle. I can't wait! I'm ready! This week on a liquid diet has been a great week of learning for me. I am anxious for the next part of this journey!!

I will not be taking my computer to the hospital, so I won't be posting until I'm back home. Hopefully Friday or Saturday.

Until next time...Hugs, Prayers & See You After Surgery!! woohoooooooo!

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