Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Victory....Even Though A Little Disappointing

Today was my dad's 72nd birthday. To celebrate there was a get together at my parents house. Only a few snacks were served, but everyone decided to go out to dinner later in the evening. I had a great time visiting with my parents and my sisters family. Unfortunately my brother and his family were only going to be able to make it for dinner. And here comes the dilemma. I was enjoying the time with family, and wanted to see the rest of my family....but.....that would require going to sit in a Mexican restaurant without being able to really eat anything they serve.

I knew the smell of the food and watching everyone else eat was not going to be a good situation for me. I knew it would be by far the most tempting situation I've been in since surgery. I briefly thought back to how proud I was at my 2 week check-in when I was the only one that hadn't cheated. I didn't want to ruin that...but I wanted to socialize with my family.

After a little back and forth in my mind I knew that it was best to avoid the restaurant. I knew that was the best thing to do, so I declined. I still enjoyed my day, but on the way home I was kind of bummed out to be missing out on the rest of the family time.

Oh well, I just keep reminding myself that this is temporary. In a month or so I will be able to go out to eat with them and make a good choice from the menu. I won't be missing out on these things forever, and for today it was definitely the best decision for me.

Love & miss you "brothers family"!

Until next time...Hugs, Prayers & I Did The Right Thing!

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