Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Tired Day Today....

As you've read in the last post it's been a busy week. I've held my own pretty well this week, but I think it's caught up with me a bit. Today I slept in later than I usually would, even on a Saturday, and I just can't seem to get any energy. I've had the kids clean house and work on laundry, but still...I feel sleepy. So I've decided to quit fighting it, I've settled in on the couch to watch Runaway Bride. After this I'll get a shower and dressed, but I'm sincerely thinking that may be it for the day today!

I went yesterday and had my blood taken so they can retest for my potassium level, but I won't hear anything until Monday. I'm rather convinced that it is nothing, but we'll see. My sister-in-law had this surgery several years ago and didn't take her supplements like she was supposed to which caused her potassium levels to drop dangerously low. Unfortunately for her this has caused some problems with her kidneys, and she is now on dialysis. Don't get me wrong, I'm jumping to no conclusions....but it's a quick dose of reality of how important it is to keep up with the supplements, and doctor appointments and blood work.

Until next time....Hugs, Prayers & Zzzzzzzzz

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