Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well....I broke my lucky streak

Today is the day I've kind of been dreading. I can no longer brag that I've never thrown up since surgery. :(

I just so happened to also have a follow up visit/blood draw scheduled today with the family doctor. She said it was most likely all of the post nasal drip sitting on an empty stomach that prompted me to throw up my breakfast. She said I need to be on something for allergies since I have chronic drainage. Lucky for me she said a nasal spray would be I won't have to worry about another pill to take, or how it's digested! nice thing about a small stomach - there's not too much to throw up in order to empty your stomach. lol

Until next time...Hugs, Prayers & I'm Scared to Eat Lunch!


  1. I had a friend that did this surgery like you and she found that she was going to have a baby....Maybe the same will go for you....A little girl would be great....;)

  2. Oh gosh NO!! I thought you were my friend! LOL Nope, no more babies for matter how much I wish I had a daughter! :)