Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Power Of Words

Well, last night I got to go out with my husband for the first time since surgery. We went to a wedding for a friend of his from the fire station. It was, if nothing else, and interesting night.

I was glad that the people we were with there already knew about my surgery, even though it was kind of weird....nothing like knowing that people are looking at your size. I even had people I didn't know very well asking me how much weight I had lost so far. It was ok, just weird. Until later in the evening when people had plenty to drink.

I was horrified when one of the men at the wedding told me that I was "going to turn into a hot bi***". Yep...that's what he said! I was horrified and couldn't even say anything.... Nothing makes a girl feel more like the ugly duckling than when your all dressed up and someone tells you your going to be pretty, soon. His words cut like a knife. I couldn't believe someone would say that to me, oh...and he is the one who came right out and asked how much weight I'd lost so far.

Now I know....he was drunk, he's a jerk, so on and so forth. But the point is the words hurt. I wasn't prepared for it. Today I don't care what he thinks. I don't care what anybody thought. But I will admit it really hurt me at the moment. I suppose the point of this blog post is just to remind you that people don't think, and words carry a lot of power with them. But, we don't have to let them ruin us. Just remember that some people have no tact, and say hurtful things...but that does not make the words true! See...if you don't work on emotional health as well as physical after this surgery your cheating yourself.

So this morning I remembered that I don't do my hair and make up for anyone else. It's for me. It's so I can feel good about myself. I'm not one of those that can't ever leave the house without make up, but I do enjoy looking nice. I got up, I showered, I got dressed in decent clothes, I did my hair, and I put on my make and jewelry. Why? What do I have going on? I did it for me. I am not going to church this morning because of sick kids, so all I have to do today is house work and maybe a trip to the grocery store. But guess what...I feel good about myself today. I feel beautiful! I looked in the mirror and can see the difference in the way my clothes look. But I did it all today for me, not for compliments, and it feels good!

Until next time....Hugs, Prayers & Choose Your Words Carefully!


  1. Way to go!!!!
    There are jerks in this world. Then there are some curious folks as well. The weight will start just to fall off. I went to my Dr this week and I have lost 45 pounds, I feel great! If you haven't measured yourself, I would advise you to do so. Then when you hit a wall of no weight loss, you can measure yourself and see that you are still losing inches.

  2. Keep up the positive attitude! Remember that God didn't put anyone on this earth to bring you down. He loves you and so do we.